the hwedhla creative team

The Hwedhla Creative Team
The Hwedhla Creative Team
The Hwedhla Creative Team
The Hwedhla Creative Team



Believing that some people wear their stories on their face, Chris Boulton habitually approaches strangers and asks firstly for a photograph, and secondly for their story. He has a unique ability to spot the “extraordinary underdog”, the quiet person who avoids the limelight, but has done something truly amazing.

In November 2017 whilst on a Cornish winter break Chris saw a fisherman unloading mackerel in St Ives harbour. This chance encounter, the photograph he took, and the momentous conversation they shared, began Chris’s journey to photographing the Cornish fishing community for the long-standing UK charity, Fishermen’s Mission.

Chris’s filmic and gritty photography style frames natural and expressive human faces with outdoor scenery, creating a distinctive essence of the scene, the individual and the moment in time. The Cornish fishing villages and harbours, almost untouched by time, and the fishermen whose ancestors walked the same harbour walls, presented the perfect subject matter for Chris’s unique skill.

Chris Boulton Photographer

“The Hwedhla project provides a snapshot of fishermen’s lives right now – capturing their images, voices, and stories and allowing people a glimpse of this ancient craft and the camaraderie, humour and hard work at its heart.”
Chris Boulton, Chris Boulton Photography



For many years I have been running Culpepper – The Creative Company as a community of skilled individuals who work together to produce intuitive brand creation, design and creative support for small businesses and charities. I am proud to have taken the creative lead on the Fishermen’s Mission Hwedhla project as I admire the incredible support the charity offer to a community who now hold a special place in my heart.

It has been a pleasure to donate mine and the Culpepper team’s time, vision, and skill to the Fishermen’s Mission Hwedhla project. I specialise in bringing creative magic to projects small and large. I am delighted that the Hwedhla project will thrill and inspire thousands while raising funds for a wonderful cause.

Thank you

I am honoured to have worked on the Hwedhla project alongside the following creative stars: Chris Boulton Photography, Thistlemoon, Emotive New Media web design, Future Primate Studio sound engineering and Helen Lennard Copywriting. Enormous thanks for donating your time and efforts to such an important and inspirational cause.

Culpepper Creative Co

“It has been a joy to combine our talents placing a portrait of these inspirational people; their lives, rich heritage and enduring superstitions, in an archive that will be accessible for many years to come.”
Tash Willmore, Culpepper – The Creative Company